IACCP2016 will be run and supported by The International Academic Forum (IAFOR)

What is IAFOR?

IAFOR is a confederation of leaders and opinion formers around the globe who have one thing in common: a desire to make a difference. It was founded in 2009 by a small group of concerned Asian, European and North American academics and business professionals as a mission-driven, politically independent organization dedicated to providing and promoting meaningful dialogue, irrespective of international borders. As the Asia-Pacific region emerges as a new and powerful center of world events to rival the traditional European-American hegemonic axis, different and conflicting nationalistic fears and domestic political interests often dictate negative foreign policies. The stakes for ensuring cooperation between the Asian states and the Western world has never been higher.

Since its founding, IAFOR has been committed to ensuring that Asian leaders and opinion formers in both the public and private sectors, in education, the media, and business, have had the chance to meet their colleagues in other countries, and discuss issues of national and international relevance and importance.

Through its international, intercultural and interdisciplinary conferences, research and publications, IAFOR has become the network hub for information exchange across Asia and beyond; connecting individuals and institutions across the globe, and the thought leaders of today with those of tomorrow.

Please see the IAFOR website for more information.