Food in Nagoya

Nagoya Station and WINC Aichi

The area surrounding Nagoya Station and WINC Aichi has plethora of restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, bars and more. We have compiled a map of some of these locations for reference, but there are too many to list! Whether your looking for a local delicacy or something that reminds you of home, we hope this map helps.

By enlarging the map, you can select the categories you wish to see or not see.


ESCA is a large underground shopping center located on the west side of Nagoya station. ESCA contains over 80 shops, of which some 30 are restaurants.

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UniMall is a large underground mall that starts from Nagoya station and runs east. It consists of more than 90 shops, catering mainly to women’s fashion, but also restaurants and cafes.

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