Questionnaire: Welcome Reception, Congress Dinner, and Daily Lunches

Registration to the congress includes the Welcome Reception, Congress Dinner, and daily lunches.

If you would like to take part in any of the these events you will need to confirm your participation by filling out the below form.
Please respond by the end of today, Wednesday, July 27.

Congress Welcome Reception
The welcome reception will be held at the Nagoya University campus on Saturday, July 30 (17:30-19:30). There will be drinks and light refreshments available.
Nagoya University campus is located on the subway network approximately 30 minutes from central Nagoya.

Congress Dinner
The Congress Dinner will be held on the evening of Tuesday, August 2 at the roof-top Yanagibashi Beer Garden, located near the Winc Aichi congress venue.
The dinner includes a set base menu, a buffet, and unlimited drinks (beer, soft drinks, etc). There are also optional extras available that you can buy.

Daily Lunch Box
We have five lunch choices available to suit most dietary needs.
Click on the menu title to show a photo and contents.

[tabby title=”Hana”]
hanaVegetarian Meal
Contains: nara pickles, steamed white rice with black sesame, green bean, shitake mushroom, baby bamboo, taro, Season seaweed/carrot/tofu/spinach/white sesame, wheat starch, deep-fried vegetable tofu, Japanese marron glacé, egg omelette slice, egg plant, miso, radish, shiso leaf, konjac, Japanese mustard miso, mugwort dumpling covered bamboo leaf, azuki sweet beans paste, orange slice

[tabby title=”Akebi”]
Contains:potato salad, fried white fish, fried prawn, tomato, lettuce, narazuke, spinach with carrot & fried tofu, pumpkin, chicken meatballs, fried salmon, egg roll, baby bamboo, green peas, wheat starch, kiku leaf, melon, strawberry, steamed white rice

[tabby title=”Yamanami”]
Contains:baby bamboo, green bean, steamed white rice, shrimp, pumpkin, wheat starch, fried tofu, soy bean, spinach, grilled mackerel, sweet potato, boiled shrimp, fried egg, egg omelette slice, chicken, sweet rice jelly, kiku leaf, pork cutlet with miso sauce, sesame seeds, narazuke

[tabby title=”Tenmusu”]
Tenmusu is known as one of Nagoya’s regional foods. The size of Tenmusu is a little smaller than normal Onigiri and contains a shrimp tempura.
Contains: steamed white rice, shrimp tempura, roasted seaweed, salt

[tabby title=”Yakitori”]
A rice bowl topped with a variety of grilled chicken.
Contains: steamed white rice, chicken, green peppers, pickled radish, boiled egg, bamboo, nori seaweed