Call for Papers

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Abstract Submission Process

In order to present at the conference, your abstract must first pass a review by the IACCP2016 Scientific Committee. You will then be invited to register. Upon payment of registration fees, your presentation will be confirmed.


  • Extended Submission deadline: Sunday, February 21, 2016
  • Results of reviews submitted before the initial deadline (December 10) returned to authors: before January 31, 2016
  • Results of reviews submitted by the extended deadline (February 21) returned to authors: before March 31, 2016

How to Submit

  • Register with our online submission system.
  • Create your account. Your email address will be used as your username and you will be asked to submit a password.
  • Submit your submission, choosing from the presentation formats listed below. Please note that names and affiliations of authors, title, and abstract (150 words maximum) are required.
  • Your proposal will be reviewed by the IACCP2016 Scientific Committee. You will receive the results before March 31, 2016.
  • If your proposal is accepted you will be invited to register for the conference. Upon payment of the registration fee, you will be sent a confirmation email receipt.

Submitters are limited to one abstract in each presentation category as the lead authors.

Paper Presentation (up to 20 minutes)
The standard format for presentation.

Poster Presentation (90 minutes)
Poster presentations allow presenters to reach a large audience and engage interested participants directly. These sessions give participants a chance to network with other delegates who may be interested in similar research or other disciplines.

Rapid Paper Presentation (up to 7 minutes)
This short format oral presentation is aimed at those who want to focus on their data or are introducing research projects that are still in the early stages. Presenters can talk about the background of the study, hypotheses, materials and methods, and findings.

Symposium Presentation (90 minutes)
As the organizer of a proposed symposium, submit a proposal for the symposium through the online system.

  • A Symposium must have at least three presenters and a chair; a discussant and fourth presenter are optional.
  • If your proposal is accepted you will be invited to register for the conference. Please ensure that you send the submission reference number to the other members of your symposium and have them register in a timely fashion. Upon payment of the registration fee of all participants, your symposium will be scheduled in the conference program.

Conference Topics

Content of the abstract must be topic related.

T01 Acculturation/Migration T19 Intergroup relations
T02 Aggression T20 Interpersonal relationships
T03 Attitude T21 Language
T04 Cognition & perception T22 Mental & physical health
T05 Communication T23 Moral/Justice
T06 Cooperation & competition T24 Motivation
T07 Cultural neuroscience T25 Organization/Work
T08 Cultural/Social change T26 Personality
T09 Culture and evolution T27 Philosophical/Critical Psychology
T10 Development T28 Religion
T11 Ecological approaches T29 Research methods
T12 Education T30 Self/Identity
T13 Emotion T31 Social exchange
T14 Environment T32 Social issues
T15 Gender T33 Stereotype/Prejudice/Discrimination
T16 Group processes T34 Values/Norms
T17 Indigenous psychology T35 Well-being
T18 Intercultural contact