Nagoya, located at the center of Honshu (the main island of Japan), is Japan’s fourth most populated city with 2.24 million residents. Nagoya has a long history and is the birthplace of three notable feudal lords, Oda Nobunaga, Toyotomi Hideyoshi and Tokugawa Ieyasu. It developed as a castle town and Nagoya castle remains the main tourist destination.

Nagoya is also a major economic center, with traditional industries like ceramics and textiles, as well as key modern industries like automobiles, aviation and machine tools. Toyota is headquartered in the region and Mitsubishi, Brother, and Boeing Japan, among many other companies, also have offices.

It’s a modern city, with high-end shopping, quality restaurants and many green spaces. There are a number of excellent art museums, featuring both Japanese and foreign art, and a science museum with the world’s largest planetarium. Sakae is the main commercial area, with many foreign brand stores and their Japanese counterparts. The Osu area, with its many small temples and shrines, has old-style shopping arcades with quirky vintage and discount shops and independent restaurants.

Nagoya is well known for its food. Japanese favourites include miso-flavoured dishes, such as fried pork with miso sauce, Japanese-style fried chicken, grilled eel, and Taiwanese-influenced ramen. Nagoya also has an abundance of foreign food, due to the many foreigners working in the city.

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