A Japanese Cultural Experience: Yagoto Koshoji Tour

A Japanese Cultural Experience: Yagoto Koshoji Tour


Take a break from the Congress and join us for a truly unique Japanese cultural experience in Nagoya.

This special cultural tour will visit Koshoji Temple in Nagoya’s historic Yagoto area. The Shingon Buddhist temple was established in 1686 by Mitsutomo Tokugawa and is famous for its historic five-story wooden pagoda. Tour guests will be able to experience a traditional tea ceremony and zazen meditation.
This is a volunteer-led walking tour and includes subway transportation fee.

Available Tour Dates
Monday, August 1 (13:20-17:40) – SOLD OUT
Tuesday, August 2 (13:20-17:40) – REGISTRATION CLOSED
Wednesday, August 3 (13:20-17:40) – SOLD OUT
*departs from the Congress Venue (Winc Aichi 1F).
*the schedule for each day is the same

Tour Limit
Limited to 40 people per day.
Limited to registered congress participants.
Pre-registration is required.
The tour registration fee is non-refundable.

2,500 Yen (includes admission and transportation fee)

Tour Highlights

Tea Ceremony
Tour guests will visit the 300-year-old Kanchin tea house set in the temple’s traditional garden.Here guests will experience and learn about the Japanese tea ceremony. This part of the tour includes a Japanese sweet and a cup of Japanese tea.

Zazen seated meditation is the most important aspect of Zen Buddhist practice. Join the temple monks as they lead you into the first steps of this meditative practice within the quiet surrounds of the temple.

This tour has been organized with the assistance of the Nagoya Visitors Convention Bureau.


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